Weird Fiction Timeline

Welcome to Examining the Odd‘s Weird Fiction timeline!


H.P. Lovecraft: Master of Weird Fiction

9 thoughts on “Weird Fiction Timeline

  1. Hey! You liked my inland empire review so I came to check out your page. You have some really cool articles! As a lover of literature in addition to cinema this weird fiction timeline jumped out at me.
    I was super excited until I realized I’ve only read eleven of the authors on your list, which means I’m way behind on a lot of reading. I think weird fiction is amazing and its a shame that most people don’t read some of thee authors (wilde, stoker, wells, kipling etc..) unless it is assigned reading. They’re all amazing and worth exploring beyond that frame.

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    1. Hello! I love Inland Empire 🙂 Thank you for your kind comments.x I think it’s good to be behind on reading. Imagine if you couldn’t find anything you wanted to read. Hideous. I recommend my latest blog post which is a short story by a current writer, Mike Russell. Thanks for commenting!


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