Broken Miracles – by Peter Levrai

The Strange and The Curious...

He had always been fascinated by money, from as early as he could remember. It seemed like a magic thing to him, the way little bits of metal and pieces of paper could buy things. Payment in kind made sense, the barter system made sense; you do my plumbing, I give you potatoes. Simple and elegant. But the whole money thing seemed like an act of faith, a party trick that everyone would see through one day. What made this bit of paper twice as valuable as another? Or this one five times more valuable than that one? They were about the same size, had pretty much the same pictures. What if everyone woke up and decided it was the other way around?

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For Fans of The Twilight Zone and Gary Val Tenuta: Review of Mike Russell’s Nothing Is Strange



Part Twilight Zonesque, comic horror in the style of Gary Val Tenuta’s The Good Librarian, dystopian similar to Susanne Valenti’s Chained, and dark humor, Nothing is Strange could be classified as speculative fiction. Twenty stories comprise the short volume. It is a quick entertaining read. I read it in one day. There is an overall message or theme. However, Nothing is Strange is the kind of book that can be read as a way to unwind or purely for entertainment. Its theme, which I took to be know thy self . . . and others consequently, resonated as I am also reading Author J.M. Coetzee and Psychotherapist Arabella Kurtz’s The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy.

In a nod to other reviews that I have seen, the stories do not always conform to the conventional short story format. If you pick up the book and…

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