The Monday Poem: Which is True?

Charles Baudelaire

WHICH IS TRUE? by Charles Baudelaire I knew one Benedicta who filled earth and air with the ideal; and from whose eyes men learnt the desire of greatness, of beauty, of glory, and of all whereby we believe in immortality. But this miraculous child was too beautiful to live long; and she died only a […]

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5 Quotes from the Gormenghast Trilogy

Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

Let’s have some quotes from Mervyn Peake’s beautifully disturbing Gormenghast trilogy. I love the books and, unlike many, I also really enjoyed the BBC adaptation, but there are rumors that Neil Gaiman is going to have a crack at his own TV version!     1. “He had no longer any need for home, for […]

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The Friday Film: Wakefield


Wakefield is a film about a man (Bryan Cranston) who abandons his family. The protagonist explores the issues of abandonment as well as other social problems. Most people know Cranston from Breaking Bad (and those of us of a certain age, Malcolm in the Middle) and his character here is similar in that he’s really […]

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