Those Curious Coen Brothers

I’ve seen people walk out of the cinema before a Coen film has ended, and I’ve heard the confused and annoyed chatter during the end credits, but the brothers have still managed to break really quite unusual, niche films into the mainstream. Perhaps this is partly due to the large list of popular actors who are keen to work with them. Continue reading Those Curious Coen Brothers

Responses: Avebury Photos (1933 + 1942) – Paul Nash.

Originally posted on Celluloid Wicker Man:
The landscape painter and augmenter, Paul Nash, had a momentary, glimpsed relationship with the Wiltshire town of Avebury.  The landscape, which brims with a sense of ancientness and magic, evidently enraptured the painter for a brief spell of creative yield not simply in painting but in photography as a… Continue reading Responses: Avebury Photos (1933 + 1942) – Paul Nash.