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Strange Vintage Adverts

Here's a little collection of strange vintage adverts!

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Those Curious Coen Brothers

I've seen people walk out of the cinema before a Coen film has ended, and I've heard the confused and annoyed chatter during the end credits, but the brothers have still managed to break really quite unusual, niche films into the mainstream. Perhaps this is partly due to the large list of popular actors who are keen to work with them.


Music for Peace of Mind – The Theremin

Music for Peace of Mind was the last of the three projects on which Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman* played theremin on pieces composed by Harry Revel, following 1947's Music out of the Moon and 1948's Perfume Set to Music. We are lucky enough to own a theremin, although I've yet to learn to use it properly!… Continue reading Music for Peace of Mind – The Theremin


This is a Good Read – The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

A review of the great book The Joy Luck Club. I only got round to reading Amy Tan's book last year and I'm so glad I did! The Joy Luck Club is the story of four Chinese immigrant mothers living in San Francisco and their relationships with their grown Chinese-American daughters. I have read other reviews of… Continue reading This is a Good Read – The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan


Tyrion Lannister (spoilers)

I love the Song of Ice and Fire books and the Game of Thrones TV series. Like many thousands of people, Tyrion Lannister is my favourite character. So far, his story in the books is more exciting than in the TV show, but that's like saying that peanut butter is better than Nutella; Nutella is still fantastic. HBO… Continue reading Tyrion Lannister (spoilers)


My Top 5 Favourite Strange Photos of David Bowie

I've spent my whole life listening to David Bowie and no one comes close to his beautiful and inspiring music and lyrics. I've also spent an awful lot of time looking at pictures of him. Here are my favourite strange photos of the Black Star himself.


Food for Thought: a Review of Nothing Is Strange by Mike Russell

Nothing Is Strange is 99cents until Feb 23rd!

Muzzleland Press

Review by: R. L. Jones

Published by Strange Books (UK)

Mike Russell’s Nothing Is Strange is a series of 20 one-shots of varying degrees of eeriness, but all with a distinct surreal feel. The book’s tone, and some of the stories, reminded me of episodes of Dark Mirror, though not as dark or disturbing. It’s a quick read and can be comfortably read at night without worry of fright. No, these stories left me more pensive than disturbed or scared. I enjoyed some of the subtle and clever twists the stories took, presenting themes on humanity, society, and the individual, one utilizing a giant flesh-and-bone creature in the sky known as the Living Crown.

Russell’s writing is simple and effective; he’s not weighed down with extraneous detail or description of the nothing1characters or places. The characters are named, the setting stated, and the story commences, sometimes the reader is…

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