Short Story Saturday: Flock by Mike Russell

Dressed in his black raincoat, pin-striped suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes, Anthony Tobias Bradshaw reads the morning newspaper, either nodding or shaking his head in agreement or disagreement with the various articles. Each movement of his head, be it a nod or a shake, maintains and strengthens who it is that Anthony Tobias Bradshaw believes himself to be.

Review: Starter Zone – The Revelation Chronicles by Chris Pavesic

I really enjoyed this book. It definitely feels like the beginning of a series, so hopefully there will be further Revelation Chronicles. This was my first time reading a LitRPG novel and it wasn’t what I expected. The story begins with two sisters attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The setting is dangerous, withContinue reading “Review: Starter Zone – The Revelation Chronicles by Chris Pavesic”

Review: Hatshepsut – The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by in60Learning

Rating: 4 stars This book allows the reader to learn a fair amount about Hatshepsut in just 44 pages. Publishers in60Learning have released a series of books designed to educate in only sixty minutes. They have titles on Marilyn Monroe, Detroit, The Battle of Thermopylae, Leland Stanford, and Illinois Native Americans, among others. I hadContinue reading “Review: Hatshepsut – The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by in60Learning”