A Poem From Ghérasim Luca

at the edge of a forest whose trees are slender ideas and each leaf a thought at bay the vegetal reveals to us the damned depths of an animal sect or more precisely an old insect anguish waking up as … Continue reading A Poem From Ghérasim Luca

Free Union

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Elisa Breton Full of startling and vivid imagery, Andre Breton’s 1931 poem Free Union is one of the finest examples of Surrealist poetry as well as a magnificent and powerful declaration of love. It was a major influence on the Beats, particularly Allen Ginsberg. A free union is a romantic bond between two or more people without legal, civil or religious regulation. Free Union My wife whose hair is a brush fire Whose thoughts are summer lightning Whose waist is an hourglass Whose waist is the waist of an otter caught in the teeth of a tiger… Continue reading Free Union