10 Weird Fiction Quotes

No other life forms know they are alive, and neither do they know they will die. This is our curse alone. Without this hex upon our heads, we would never have withdrawn as far as we have from the natural—so far and for such a time that it is a relief to say what weContinue reading “10 Weird Fiction Quotes”

Short Story Saturday – A Vintage from Atlantis by Clark Ashton Smith

It’s Short Story Saturday! This week it’s Clark Ashton Smith‘s A Vintage from Atlantis. A Vintage from Atlantis written by Clark Ashton Smith 1933 From Weird Tales Volume 22, Issue 3 I thank you, friend, but I am no drinker of wine, not even if it be the rarest Canary or the oldest Amontillado. WineContinue reading “Short Story Saturday – A Vintage from Atlantis by Clark Ashton Smith”

A Letter to Clark Ashton Smith from H. P. Lovecraft

I’m in a Lovecraft mood, currently re-reading the stunning The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, so here’s one of his letters to Clark Ashton Smith.

Weird Fiction Timeline

A Weird Fiction timeline

Clark Ashton Smith

Unless you are diehard fan of horror or dark fantasy stories of the early 20th century, the name Clark Ashton Smith probably means little or nothing to you. But for those of us who are such fans, his name conjures up worlds of exotic darkness, of the purplest prose describing the strangest entities of eons past. Along with Lovecraftand Conan creator Robert E. Howard, Smith ruled those long-ago days of the 1930s and Weird Tales magazine. But unlike the other two, whose works have long been readily available, Smith sank, along with most of their Weird Tales brethren, into obscurity. Despite vocal champions like Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, and Lovecraft himself, Smith is a household name only to those folks, like myself, whose homes suffer under a surfeit of paperback horror fiction. And not even always then.