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Short Story Saturday – Dunce by Mike Russell

Nothing Is Strange by Mike Russell

Dunce Everyone calls Dunce ‘Dunce’. Everyone thinks that Dunce is an idiot. I used to think so too but not any more.   Dunce is completely bald and has a really pointed head so the temptation to get him paralytic on his thirtieth birthday, carry him to the tattooist’s and get a nice big ‘D’ […]

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Short Story Saturday: The Switching Mirror

The Switching Mirror

by Dario Cannizzaro

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Review: The Eye of Nefertiti

Maria Luisa Lang

I recently reviewed Maria Luisa Lang’s The Pharaoh’s Cat and I absolutely loved it. The Eye of Nefertiti is its sequel and is just as excellent! The cat must free Queen Nefertiti from a horrific curse  The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat. The time-traveling ancient […]

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The Navigator by Clifton Kenny

I recently reviewed Clifton Kenny’s excellent book, Reflections. Clifton has kindly agreed to share the full text of The Navigator with Examining the Odd readers!

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The Monday Poem: Less Time

Less Time – Poem by Andre Breton

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Review: Reflections by Clifton Kenny

Reflections revolves around three teenagers, Shane, Paige and Jimmer, as they work together to unravel Shane’s mystery abilities. The young protagonist accidentally discovers that he can see into people’s family histories by reflecting on them, discovering their ancestral past and unlocking their secrets.

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Nothing is strange by Mike Russell

Originally posted on Under the pile:
Hello, book pandas 🐼 I’m sorry I’m so slow at writing the reviews. I had a lot of obstacles at the beginning of the month, and to confess, I just a little dare to write and read. Last week I barely got to see the new episodes of Game of…

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The Monday Poem: Corridor

Corridor (Couloir)

We are two

On the one line where all’s continuous

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