Month: September 2016

Goodies up for grabs

Hi all, A bit of a cheeky post but it’s meant in good faith! We’re selling some of our treasured old books to raise cash for future adventures (and to make space for new books). They’re the sort of things that readers of this blog may like, so I just thought I’d share them here.…

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Everyone calls Dunce ‘Dunce’. Everyone thinks that Dunce is an idiot. I used to think so too but not any more.

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Venn Diagram of Weird Fiction

Edit: The Cromcast podcast very generously discussed this diagram on their show! Listen here. The discussion takes place in the last twenty minutes or so, but I highly recommend listening to the whole episode. The hosts quite understandably had a few questions and I’m going to do my best to respond (see below). One point…

Clive Barker - Venn Diagram of Weird Fiction

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