My name is Jay and I appreciate things which are… odd, surreal… a bit strange and unusual.

I read when I can, favouring short stories and weird fiction. I write fluxus poems and create doodles with funny little stories. I’m also learning to play the saw and the accordion very, very, very slowly.

I also work over at and love to promote my other half’s books, as well as the work of other indie authors and artists.



*Examining the Odd does contain some affiliate links


13 thoughts on “About

    1. Sorry about that! I’ve put an email address in the submissions info – I’m happy for contact that way.
      Anyway, I love your doodle things! Send any you want to share, along with any further info, links or anything you’d like included with them to


  1. Hi Jay, thanks for visiting the Chickens Consigliere. This is one of the most unique blogs I’ve visited. Then again, you know that, don’t you Oddspecs:-) I’m off to explore a little more of what you’re up to. Thanks again.

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