In 2017, my partner and I decided to give up our day jobs so that we could live anywhere and spend our days doing what we love. I went to university in 2004, which has enabled me to make ends meet through private tutoring, but my art techniques are all self-found.

My name is Jay and I appreciate things which are… odd, surreal… a bit strange and unusual.

I read when I can, favouring short stories and weird fiction.

I was born in the south of England in 1986. Drawing and painting leaves me with an odd combination of feeling calm and excited.

Chance operations play a key role in the creation of my drawings and paintings. Pens are my favourite tools for drawing, but I occasionally paint and collage too.

The composer John Cage also brings me great creative comfort and I enjoy reading about his methods.

I am also featured on http://www.outsider-art-brut.ch/seiten/JSn1.html




16 thoughts on “About

    1. Sorry about that! I’ve put an email address in the submissions info – I’m happy for contact that way.
      Anyway, I love your doodle things! Send any you want to share, along with any further info, links or anything you’d like included with them to examiningtheodd@gmail.com


  1. Hi Jay, thanks for visiting the Chickens Consigliere. This is one of the most unique blogs I’ve visited. Then again, you know that, don’t you Oddspecs:-) I’m off to explore a little more of what you’re up to. Thanks again.

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