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The Wednesday Painting

The Wednesday Painting


Organ (Part 3)

Organ is a 7-part series based on and incorporating a poem written using chance operations. Each piece contains one stanza from the poem and is also created using chance methods.


So happy to have sold two pieces this weekend!


This is part one of a series called Organ. Organ is a poem consisting of seven stanzas, the first of which is written into this piece.

The Monday Poem: Improvisation IV by William Carlos Williams

Mamselle Day, Mamselle Day, come back again! Slip your clothes off!—the jingling of those little shell ornaments so deftly fastened—! The streets are turning in their covers. They smile with shut eyes. I have been twice to the moon since supper but she has nothing to tell me. Mamselle come back! I will be wiser this time.


Very happy that these two pieces are on their way to America 🙂 Please take a look at my eBay listings to see more!

New Painting

It’s called Honey I’m The World’s Forgotten Boy.

The Friday Film – 92 in the Shade

92 in the Shade is a 1975 American drama film written and directed by Thomas McGuane, based on his 1973 novel of the same name, it stars Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Elizabeth Ashley and Margot Kidder. – Wikipedia