The Monday Poem: Georgia by Philippe Soupault


Translated by Ghita Jaouhari


i don’t sleep Georgia
i shoot arrows into the night Georgia
i wait Georgia
the fire is like the snow Georgia
the night is my neighbor Georgia
i hear sounds without exception Georgia
i see the smoke that rises Georgia
i walk in the shadow of the fox’s footsteps Georgia
i run in the street of the suburbs Georgia
here is a city that is the same
that i don’t know Georgia
i hurry here is the wind Georgia
and the cold and the silence and the fear Georgia
i flee Georgia
i run Georgia
the clouds are low they will fall Georgia
i’m waiting for your arms Georgia
i don’t close my eyes Georgia
i call Georgia

i scream Georgia
i call Georgia
i call you Georgia
will you come Georgia
soon Georgia
Georgia Georgia Georgia
i don’t sleep Georgia
i’m waiting for you

Janus Fleuri by Louise Bourgeois

I often post images of Louise Bourgeois’ paintings and drawings, but here’s one of her incredible sculptures! It’s a bronze piece made in 1968.

Janus Fleuri by Louise Bourgeois

Janus Fleuri by Louise Bourgeois

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Close To Me

You know you need a little Robert Smith to brighten up your day…

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The Monday Poem – An Extensive Look at Another Thing from That Department

An Extensive Look at Another Thing from That Department


I informed HER of a general dream

a new thought was going to be formed

it would forcibly cause herself to “shatter careers”.

But it didn’t

and my actions have continued

it is safe

and immediately HER department had reportedly been heard to whisper an executive secret when



by Jay


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Monday poem! Please get in touch if you’d like to see your own work here.

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Louise Bourgeois – ‘I Transform Hate Into Love’

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The Monday Poem: The Detained of Release Comes In by Jay Snelling

The Detained of Release Comes In


The extremist’s

offices of thinking show a protester carrying a condemned bottle of the

sacred film.

Your people, and then theirs and all of the political elite are in attendance at the dawn. Despite this, they are very loudly asking for the film

and causing quite an affront.


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Giveaway: Forgotten Reflections by Young-Im Lee

I recently reviewed Young-Im Lee’s fantastic book, Forgotten Reflections. Young-Im has kindly agreed to give away a whopping 50 ebooks to lucky Examining the Odd readers! Simply click here to enter. Good luck!

Forgotten Reflections by Young-Im Lee

Forgotten Reflections by Young-Im Lee

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