This is the first piece in a new series called Cage.

Take A Newspaper. The Shape Of The Future

Finished a new drawing yesterday! I use chance operations to create all of my drawings, paintings and collages 🙂 This piece is available to buy on eBay, along with many others. I also have a little book of my recent Organ poetry art series coming soon!


Doodle Tuesday

Here is part 6 of the Organ series. Organ is a series of seven drawings, all created using chance methods and based on a poem, also written using chance operations. Parts 2, 3 and 4 have all sold, but parts 1 and 5 are still available on eBay. This one will be added soon!

The text in this piece reads:

the patterns established themselves all over the house

me or his wild Asian dog and bird

The number 566 indicates all of this, everything

at various places of worship: to the sulphur and to nothing

The court begins to question the world

Female imperfectly masking male. unmask me to the past

Organ (Part 3)


The text from this piece reads:

another way to test the water world

a new requirement for culture, media and everything

viewers of me said that the detector said nothing of the bird

as in the past

the appearance – and the subsequent shying away from the house

played a fiddle to nothing


Organ is a 7-part series based on, and incorporating, a poem written using chance operations. Each piece contains one stanza from the poem and is also created using chance methods.

Here is part 1:


The text reads:


He talks about you and the records come as a courtesy to the past

with you it is easy because we are so happy. Life goes on until the wilderness years. That’s what this character says he plays for, what he is here for, in this house

alongside the world and the other world

look at that bird

shrunk a piece down to nothing

I’ve got everything


and part 2:


The text reads:

[also it is not to come out if the place is gone] it starred the man’s kiss by the guardian of everything

it’s a piece of the time, of the past

all of that changed. Other horrible times exist in nothing

The tall man’s picture of a house

programs the bird

under the scrutiny of your eyes and those of the world


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