5 Female Weird Fiction Authors

Here are five fantastic female weird fiction authors for you! Margaret St. Clair – Certainly few writers in speculative fiction are more deserving of a revival—or more undeservedly neglected. I know I am not alone in thinking this way, as the VanderMeers included her work in both The Weird and the forthcoming The Big Book of ScienceContinue reading “5 Female Weird Fiction Authors”

Illustrator: Sidney H. Sime (1867-1941)

His work was featured in Pick-Me-Up, The Idler and the Pall Mall Gazette, in fact he owned The Idler for two years. Many artists have said they were influenced by Sime’s work, including fantasy illustrator Roger Dean. H.P. Lovecraft also claimed to be a fan too, but it was Sime’s work for Lord Dunsany that secured his place in fantasy history. Read the whole of Dunsany’s The Book Of Wonder, A Chronicle Of Little Adventures At The Edge Of The World (1912) and The Sword Of Welleran, And Other Stories (1908), including Sime’s illustrations for free.

5 Days of Photography. 4: Erik Johansson (1985-current)

With tens of millions of hits on his YouTube videos and exhibitions and clients all over the world, it’s pretty safe to say that Erik is a successful artist. He’s a great example of someone who has turned a hobby into a flourishing career.