Strungballs By Mike Russell Review

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*Honest review given in exchange for book.* *Minor spoilers* The strange and unknown has always fascinated me. What exactly defines something being strange? Is it a matter of opinion? Of following society’s rules because we believe that is the correct way? Have we all been brainwashed into a certain way of thinking because it is the ‘good’ and ‘right’ thing to do? I found myself asking all of these questions when I dived into the thrilling novella Strungballs by Mike Russell. I would like to thank the wonderful people at Strange Books especially Jay… Continue reading Strungballs By Mike Russell Review

Review: Strange Medicine by Mike Russell

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Summary: A man stalked by connection puzzles… A love story about a telephone… A violent hatred – or love? – of the universe… A precious childhood stone… A man who ties himself together with string and bulldog clips… Review: The short stories of Strange Medicine are bizarre and enchanting. There’s an emphasis on pulling habitual people away from their familiar routines, challenging their beliefs – or seeing how far they would go to retain those beliefs in the face of broad opposition. And in that course, the reader’s assumptions, beliefs and habits are challenged. I… Continue reading Review: Strange Medicine by Mike Russell