Month: October 2016

One for the Birds by Lily Mitchell

In One for the Birds (2016), Lily Mitchell gives you surrealism, betrayal and some macabre situations in which the main characters find themselves lost or trapped. But that’s not all. Here and there a main character learns valuable life lessons a little too late. Besides death and suspense you’ll find a good dose of sarcasm. These short stories are an easy read and very variable. If you're particularly fond of scary stories, you won’t want to miss out on these.

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In this feminist classic, Jane’s doctor husband locks her in an upstairs room so she can tackle her tendency towards depression and hysteria. Because that sounds like a really good idea. - Bustle

A story about something far scarier than monsters, nightmares and stalkers: being labelled "hysterical" and shut in a room to get over it. Then the monsters come. I absolutely love the title story of this collection but, although very different, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the tales too.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman succeeded in writing feminist stories that liberated both men and women. This is particularly the case in the last story Mr. Peebles' Heart, where a successful female doctor manages to persuade her sister's husband to follow his dreams, not to save their marriage, but to save each of their lives, their sanity and wellbeing. I also really enjoyed Making A Change, where a man must come to terms with the fact that his mother and his wife have colluded to create his comfortable life.

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The Monday Poem – The Sentences as Girl whose of Friendly Come to

It’s time for the Monday Poem 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. The Sentences as Girl whose of Friendly Come to – a fluxus chance poem   Or way that from before but lost an account that move. But if thought about prize and as exhilarating because emerges is disjunction between communicated with we should suggested a small-c conservative. Which he…

fluxus chance poetry

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