Short Story Saturday – The Residence At Whitminster by M. R. James

This week’s short story is M. R. James’ The Residence At Whitminster. THE RESIDENCE AT WHITMINSTER Dr. Ashton—Thomas Ashton, Doctor of Divinity—sat in his study, habited in a dressing-gown, and with a silk cap on his shaven head—his wig being for the time taken off and placed on its block on a side table. HeContinue reading “Short Story Saturday – The Residence At Whitminster by M. R. James”

Montague Rhodes James

M.R. James (b. 1862) is perhaps one of the most understated writers of odd ghost stories of all time. Many of his stories take place at Oxbridge and other places with a very English feel, reflecting the life of the author himself. James also catalogued medieval manuscripts (see below), for which he was well-respected during hisContinue reading “Montague Rhodes James”

Weird Fiction Timeline

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