Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Wednesday Painting – 11 Stones

John Cage

This week’s painting is John Cage’s 11 Stones.

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Short Story Saturday – The Crystal Egg

The Crystal Egg by H. G. Wells

This week’s story is H. G. Wells’ The Crystal Egg. THE CRYSTAL EGG There was, until a year ago, a little and very grimy-looking shop near Seven Dials, over which, in weather-worn yellow lettering, the name of “C. Cave, Naturalist and Dealer in Antiquities,” was inscribed. The contents of its window were curiously variegated. They […]

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The Monday Poem: I Have Dreamed Of You So Much

I Have Dreamed Of You So Much – Poem by Robert Desnos I have dreamed of you so much that you are no longer real. Is there still time for me to reach your breathing body, to kiss your mouth and make your dear voice come alive again? I have dreamed of you so much […]

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