The Alchemist By H. P. Lovecraft

High up, crowning the grassy summit of a swelling mound whose sides are wooded near the base with the gnarled trees of the primeval forest, stands the old chateau of my ancestors. For centuries its lofty battlements have frowned down upon the wild and rugged countryside about, serving as a home and stronghold for the proud house whose honoured line is older even than the moss-grown castle walls. These ancient turrets, stained by the storms of generations and crumbling under the slow yet mighty pressure of time, formed in the ages of feudalism one of the most dreaded and formidable fortresses in all France. From its machicolated parapets and mounted battlements Barons, Counts, and even Kings had been defied, yet never had its spacious halls resounded to the footsteps of the invader.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

  Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is a fantastic surreal fairy tale (Grimm style) in which nasty priests prey and the sexual awakening of thirteen(!) year old Valerie blooms. A strange combination of menstruation and a pair of earrings allows the young protagonist to see the world as it really is. This is aContinue reading “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)”

Edward Gorey (1925-2000)

I don’t remember not loving Edward Gorey, creator of such books as The Lost Lions; or, Having Opened the Wrong Envelope, The Iron Tonic; or, a Winter Afternoon in a Lonely Valley and of course, The Gashlycrumb Tinies. As well as creating his own books, Gorey also designed covers for Doubleday, illustrated calendars and designedContinue reading “Edward Gorey (1925-2000)”

David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

I was scrolling through the comments on YouTube for this video and saw this: “omg. That was my former teacher from Emerson asking the 1st question! I’ve thought of her so often wishing I stayed connected. With her and college. She saw something in me I wanted to see in myself. out of billions of videosContinue reading “David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)”

Clara Engel – Folk Noir

When the sun’s tentacles reach down from heaven and thaw my frozen tongue

I’ll have a voice that’s all my own…