My Top 10 John Cage Visual Art Pieces

John Cage is my favourite artist (along with Louise Bourgeois). Although he’s perhaps most well-known for his music and writing, he also created some fantastic visual art. Here are my top 10. Enjoy!

  1. mushroom-book-plate-x-1972
  2. dramatic-fire-1989 Images 1 & 2 taken from here.
  3. Screen-Shot-2015-03-24-at-9.19.36-PM Above: John Cage, Dereau #3, 1982. One from 38 related colour etchings with aquatint, engraving, photo-etching and drypoint. 181⁄2 x 241⁄2 in. Published by Crown Point Press. Taken from here.
  4. o-JOHN-CAGE-900 Above: “New River Watercolor,” Series II, #2, 1988. Watercolour on paper. Courtesy College for Creative Studies’ Center Galleries. Taken from here.
  5. not-wanting-to-say-anything-about-marcel-1969
  6. score-without-parts-40-drawings-by-thoreau-twelve-haiku-1978 Images 5 & 6 found here.
  7. john-cage-ryoanji-17-feb-1988-c-john-cage-trust2 Above: John Cage Ryoanji 17 February 1988 -pencil on Japanese handmade paper. Taken from here.
  8. JC_SGI2718_new_river_watercolor_series_1_5_HR4 Above: New River Watercolors (Series I, #5), 1988, watercolor on paper, 18 x 36 inches. Found here.
  9. AtlasEcliptSketch5f965
  10. o-JOHN-CAGE-570 Above: “Eninka,” #20/50, 1986. Smoked paper and branded print on Gampi paper chine colle. Courtesy College for Creative Studies’ Center Galleries.

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