The Wednesday Painting – 11 Stones

This week's painting is John Cage's 11 Stones.


The Visual Art of John Cage

John Cage: Every Day is a Good Day from De La Warr Pavilion Through a long career, John Cage was an important figure in the worlds of music, visual contemporary art and sound art, as well as many academic paths. He was heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism and chance methods. He attempted to make "just … Continue reading The Visual Art of John Cage

Eight Pearls of Wisdom from John Cage

John Cage was a 20th century contemporary music composer, visual artist, writer and mushroom enthusiast, immersed in Zen Buddhism. Probably most famous for composing a piece of total silence, Cage is one of my favourite people to have ever existed. He had the idea that music should allow the performer and the listener similar status. Fascinated by ancient practices (I-Ching) and nature, Cage also embraced the possibilities that came with new technology. If you don't know him and you're intrigued, I recommend reading his Lecture on Nothing. I read this in his book Silence, but I believe it can be found online too.

Fluxus Poetry Art

Cheryl Penn's venture into musical composition is so noteworthy I had to blog it. Most of the IUOMA members are aware of Cheryl's group for the study and advancement of Ruud Janssen's Fluxus word "ZALOP," given legs by the enthusiasm of visual poet Eduardo Cardoso of Portugal. - International Union of Mail Artists Well-known Fluxus … Continue reading Fluxus Poetry Art