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The Friday Film – John Cage “Water walk”

I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂


9 More Quotes from John Cage

People always think that there is something to understand. They imagine that the composer really had something in mind.

My Top 10 John Cage Visual Art Pieces

John Cage is my favourite artist (along with Louise Bourgeois). Although he’s perhaps most well-known for his music and writing, he also created some fantastic visual art. Here are my top 10. Enjoy!

Eight Pearls of Wisdom from John Cage

John Cage was a 20th century contemporary music composer, visual artist, writer and mushroom enthusiast, immersed in Zen Buddhism. Probably most famous for composing a piece of total silence, Cage is one of my favourite people to have ever existed. He had the idea that music should allow the performer and the listener similar status. Fascinated by ancient practices (I-Ching) and nature, Cage also embraced the possibilities that came with new technology. If you don’t know him and you’re intrigued, I recommend reading his Lecture on Nothing. I read this in his book Silence, but I believe it can be found online too.

Random sound “music”

For Halloween we decided to spend the evening making experimental music. We had a list of ways to make sounds, including playing the saw, the theremin, verbal sound, using water, paper and random objects from around a room in the house.