Leonora Carrington – Top 10 Quotes

“People under seventy and over seven are very unreliable if they are not cats.”


5 Days of Oscar Wilde – 4: The Grosvenor Gallery, 1877

That ‘Art is long and life is short’ is a truth which every one feels, or ought to feel; yet surely those who were in London last May, and had in one week the opportunities of hearing Rubenstein play the Sonata Impassionata, of seeing Wagner conduct the Spinning-Wheel Chorus from the Flying Dutchman, and of studying art at the Grosvenor Gallery, have very little to complain of as regards human existence and art-pleasures.

The Wednesday Painting – The Listening Room

This week's painting is Magritte's The Listening Room. It's a wonderful example of how Magritte could take something mundane and make it fantastical. Like much of Magritte’s work, this painting is both a criticism and an encouragement. The looming shape and green color challenge our desire to be contemptuous of what is smaller than ourselves... An … Continue reading The Wednesday Painting – The Listening Room

The Wednesday Painting – Frieda and Diego Rivera (1931) by Frieda Kahlo

Kahlo This week's Wednesday painting is Mexican painter Frieda Kahlo's Frieda and Diego Rivera. Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 39 3/8 in. x 31 in. (100.01 cm x 78.74 cm) “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” —Frida Kahlo Initially Diego Rivera (1886-1957) was the big … Continue reading The Wednesday Painting – Frieda and Diego Rivera (1931) by Frieda Kahlo

The Curious Art of Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela is an Italian artist and freelance journalist. I love his work - it's so fun, colourful and original. I highly recommend checking out his website, as there are hundreds of amazing images to look at. You can also find his contact details there if you're interested in purchasing some unique art! a short … Continue reading The Curious Art of Claudio Parentela

Surreal Words from René Magritte

Obviously we enjoy looking at the visual art of René Magritte, but he was a pretty wise talker too. Enjoy these quotes from one of the greatest surrealists. Don't worry, I'll stick some paintings in too 🙂 Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. I despise my own past and that of … Continue reading Surreal Words from René Magritte