4 Indie Authors that I want to Investigate

I love Indie books, but there are so many out there that it can be hard to know what to give my time to. Based on research and reviews, here are four independent authors that seem interesting enough to take a punt on!

    1. Paul Ikin – Born: Australia, WebsiteTwitter,
      Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Goodreads profile 22395401 The Other Side of EveSometimes to tell one story…two must be told.”
    2. Mike Russell – Born: England, Website, Twitter, Genre: Fantasy, Weird Fiction, Fiction, Goodreads profile 25099252 Nothing Is Strange “For me, creating is discovering and storytelling is bringing into the world dreams that are universal.” Disclaimer: Mike is my other half, but I was a fan long before we became a couple!
    3. R. J. Davies MornixWebsite, Twitter, Genre: Science Fiction, Crime, Fiction, Goodreads profile  Maddox Files: Back to Business “I have never really had writer’s block … it’s kind of the opposite of that sometimes I keep getting ideas like a faucet that has been turned on…”

4. Wesley McCraw – Born: USA, Twitter, Genre: Fiction, Goodreads profile 18213385 The Forgiving “I’m writing weird short fiction for my collection The Queen in Yellow.”

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