Take A Newspaper. The Shape Of The Future

Finished a new drawing yesterday! I use chance operations to create all of my drawings, paintings and collages 🙂 This piece is available to buy on eBay, along with many others. I also have a little book of my recent … Continue reading Take A Newspaper. The Shape Of The Future

Short Story Saturday – Flock


Anthony Tobias Bradshaw sits, as usual, on the 7:00 a.m. train, on his way to work. Dressed in his black raincoat, pin-striped suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes, Anthony Tobias Bradshaw reads the morning newspaper, either nodding or shaking his head in agreement or disagreement with the various articles. Each movement of his head, be it a nod or a shake, maintains and strengthens who it is that Anthony Tobias Bradshaw believes himself to be. Continue reading Short Story Saturday – Flock