Poetry by Israfel Sivad

Indigo Glow and The Tree Outside My Window are two poetry anthologies written by Israfel Sivad. He also wrote a truly excellent novel, The Adversary’s Good News, which I reviewed a while back.

Israfel Sivad is the founder of Ursprung Collective, which has been referred to as “fantastic brain food” on ReverbNation. His first novel, “Crossroads Blues“, has been compared to the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky (Palmetto Review).​​ His second novel, “The Adversary’s Good News“, was a finalist for the 2016 Chanticleer Paranormal Book Award. His stories and poems have appeared in the Santa Fe Literary Review, The Stray Branch and Badlands Literary Journal. – Goodreads


The poems in both books cover the themes of romance, drugs & alcohol, supernatural beings, angst and religion. I believe Indigo Glow was released prior to The Tree Outside My Window, but I actually read both at the same time, leaving each book in a different room to dip in to when I fancied a read.

To me, The Adversary’s Good News is a much more mature piece of writing. I feel that anyone could enjoy it and gain from it. These poetry collections are perhaps a little more niche. I would recommend them to teenagers and twenty-somethings, or those still struggling with the general themes of life, looking for others to relate to.



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