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Very happy that this piece sold today!

Review – We Are The Underground: Poems by Israfel Sivad

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I would love to meet Israfel Sivad one day, although he lives in America, I’m in the UK… I think we’d have a lot of things to chat about over a glass of something. I find that a lot of poetry doesn’t speak to me because it’s too emotional. This book, We Are The Underground, is a rare find where the poetry can be enjoyed as art, not just feelings put in to words. Each piece is very creative. Having said that, I think those who enjoy poetry for the reasons that I don’t would also enjoy Israfel Sivad’s work. So, really… it’s for everyone.

Israfel sent me a copy of this book to review because I featured one of the poems, A Straight Line Runs Through It All, last year. I have also reviewed two more of his poetry collections, The Tree Outside My Window and Indigo Glow, as well as his outstanding novel, The Adversary’s Good News.

More than a simple collection of poems, We Are the Underground delves into Israfel Sivad’s psyche to inspire you to liberate your own. With each carefully defined section, you’ll explore inner worlds and find the keys you need to unlock hidden truths. For, as Israfel Sivad demonstrates, it’s when we enter our own personal depths that we find true freedom. This poetic journey is your invitation to go deeper than you ever have before. Don’t remain content staring at what the rest of the world has already seen. Look through these inspired poems. Unravel Israfel Sivad’s “Zodiac Cycle”, which contains one poem for every astrological sign in the Western and Chinese zodiacs. Enter the underground, and discover this hidden revolution of souls. – Blurb, Goodreads




                                      I was doing the driving.
                                      Implications was the first clue
                                      written on a crumpled envelope
                                      full of thistle and dandelions.
                                      I saw the word, payed no attention
                                      to the envelopes contents.
                                      We were the first out
                                      and my partner was anxious,
                                      a stickler for propriety.
                                      Our car was soon passed by competitors
                                      dangerously on a narrow road
                                      with high hedges and ivy hues.
                                      Let’s go to a pub, rent a room
                                      enjoy the afternoon sensibly,
                                      for I have smelled the Spring lilacs
                                      and a little sweat emanating from
                                      a crevice I could never shun nor eschew.
Colin James has a book of poems, Resisting Probability, from
Sagging Meniscus Press. He lives in Massachusetts.

Two Significant Moments

Here is one of my chance poems. I hope you enjoy it. I use chance methods to create my poems, drawings and paintings. I’d love to hear from you if you do the same!


Two Significant Moments

by JayS


I have one of his and now the tattoos of hers are brighter than mine and sparkle as the new sun once did. I avoided getting it on my palm as there were his marks there

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