The Adversary's Good News by Israfel Sivad

Review: The Adversary’s Good News by Israfel Sivad

I’ve just finished the amazingly exciting adventure that is Israfel Sivad’s fantasy horror, The Adversary’s Good News. This considerably fascinating book is about death. And more death. It exceeded my expectations.

This extraordinarily original novel follows Christian Michael Anderson, a suicidal alcoholic and addict, as he goes on the trip of his (after)life. He travels with his guide, Evius (also the possessor of many other names), an extremely cool and laid back guy with enough substances to lead Christian on his way.

This novel is based on their journey, where they discover highly beautiful women (of all colours, including blue), incontinent old men, terrifyingly well-hung demons, torn-out hearts (both literal and poetic), dog food, damaged young girls and giant spiders.

Considering how radically outrageous this book is, the story is totally convincing. What I liked best were the remarkably powerful scenes, full of bright colours, tempting textures and overpowering stench. I’m actually not a fan of over-description, but this book is much steeped in it and it works. There may be the occasional sentence that I wish was totally different or omitted, but the read is a crazy roller-coaster, so it really doesn’t matter.

The Adversary’s Good News is a truly powerful novel by Israfel Sivad and I really enjoyed it from beginning to end. It’s an intelligent and utterly thought-provoking read, but it’s also fun and un-put-down-able.

The Adversary’s Good News is rich and detailed in plot; a feast for all the senses and I really felt involved in so many crazy and vivid situations. The character I like best is Evius, a genuinely shady guy with a possible heart of gold… but probably not.

Christian is very well presented to the reader, making him an easy protagonist to identify with. The story has a dramatic and tragic ending (an ending which begins about a fifth of the way in to the book) and there are twists and turns at every door, tunnel, corridor and bridge.

The Adversary’s Good News is a highly entertaining must-read and I really want to talk to other fans of the book. You need to go out and get a copy. I highly recommend it and place it in the top three books of 2017. It will change the way you see dog food.

The Adversary's Good News by Israfel Sivad
The Adversary’s Good News by Israfel Sivad

10 thoughts on “Review: The Adversary’s Good News by Israfel Sivad

    1. It’s a fairly realistic fantasy and it’s not gore-horror. I can’t tell you about the dog food – it would ruin the suprise 😉 Honestly though, give this book a try – it’s great!

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