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Review: Hatshepsut – The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by in60Learning

Rating: 4 stars

Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by in60Learning

Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt by in60Learning

This book allows the reader to learn a fair amount about Hatshepsut in just 44 pages. Publishers in60Learning have released a series of books designed to educate in only sixty minutes. They have titles on Marilyn Monroe, Detroit, The Battle of Thermopylae, Leland Stanford, and Illinois Native Americans, among others.

I had heard the name before, but I knew nothing about Hatshepsut before reading this book. The writing is very straight-forward and reminded me of those trendy-but-informative YouTube videos. I now know that Hatshepsut was a model for other Pharaoh-Queens, and my general knowledge of Ancient Egypt has increased too.

The book itself has a nice design and, due to its length, is very light, so perfect for learning on your commute. I would definitely recommend these books and I think they’d also make great gifts for teenagers. I didn’t time how long it took me to read the book and I actually read it in a couple of snappy sessions, not in one sitting, but I think it would take the average reader just under an hour to finish.

If you join in60’s Learning List, you can try out two chapters of their Alexander the Great title for free. I’ll also be reviewing their Kublai Khan book soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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