Look at those Doodles with their Funny Little Stories

Here are some more of my doodles with their funny little stories!

1000 Doodles


2014. A lying woman is unhappy and dying – the man dreams and hopes and so is protected and fuelled by rainbows and the moon.


2015. People march on this figure’s speech. They fall, but they get sucked in before they reach their death. The cycle begins again.




Sylvia made the journey from the flaming sea of plastic eyeballs, through the labyrinth of warm water and love, to her home: a hut in a tree, surrounded by life, with God above and soap raining down. But Sylvia felt trapped and restricted, catching her tears to give to no one in particular, until death comes to smash them out of their bottle.


2014. A prisoner is called to the prison by the flute bars, he explodes into a luke-warm flesh liquid, allowing others to escape and take a boat to a sea full of life – this happy place is only in someone’s imagination and even there, bones lie at the bottom of the sea.


2014. The ghost is happy, not worrying about anything – it tries to help the living but does not worry about the outcome – it is only a soul and a spirit. A person screams at the sight of the ghost and self-medicates.


The queen spirit rises from the dead hermaphrodite. She is fuelled by the hermaphrodite’s dying breath, which also sends flames into the sky. The breath channels down the queen, eventually leading back to the corpse.


A monk basks in rain, weighing abundance with poverty and finding them equal. A distant figure meditates on this. Those in the ground are at peace, comforted by the weight upon them. *This drawing is a re-draw of the third image in this post. I like to re-draw sometimes, changing size, colour and/or material.




A good, angelic Summer tree and a demonic Winter tree. People dance around the Autumn tree. 2014

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