Doodle Tuesday


Here is another of my funny little doodles!

Doodle by Jay Snelling
Doodle by Jay Snelling

Doodle Tuesday

This week I’m sharing one of my own doodles 🙂


I use chance methods to create my paintings and drawings and I’d love to hear from others who do the same!

Look at those Doodles with their Funny Little Stories

Here are some more of my doodles with their funny little stories…


The ghost is happy, not worrying about anything – it tries to help the living but does not worry about the outcome – it is only a soul and a spirit. A person screams at the sight of the ghost and self-medicates.


Sylvia made the journey from the flaming sea of plastic eyeballs, through the labyrinth of warm water and love, to her home: a hut in a tree, surrounded by life, with God above and soap raining down. But sylvia felt trapped and restricted, catching her tears to give to no one in particular, until death comes to smash them out of their bottle. 2014

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