The beast

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The beast lies awake, a shambling cage her home. ? “I shall take back my throne, for although they forsake, I will always remember I was left here alone. ? No one will survive, even if they surrender. No time to forgive dead souls that gave hope” ? She eloped with our fate, she stole our pride while she talked about love. Treacherous dove of great guile, insidious curse, deadly allure. ? She thrives in the bleak light, so grim, crimson steed waits her return. It shall be her turn, once again, to bleed… Continue reading The beast

The forest

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I “To my unknown reader: ? During the almost thirty years I have been alive, there has not been a single interest of mine that others shared or even appreciated. Ever since I was a little boy, such things as a job, a wife to marry, a house, appeared as tedious and alien to my nature. In the same manner, those activities in which regular people spend so much energy and time have never been a priority or even a goal to me. Paintings were the sole concern in my personal world, albeit not… Continue reading The forest

3 Random Books from My Shelves

I’m not really sure what to say, as I would imagine most people who visit Examining the Odd have read some or all of Gaiman’s work! Since this book is a collection of short stories (and wonders!), I decided to randomly choose one of the pieces too. The chosen piece was The Fairy Reel, one of the “wonders”, since it is a poem rather than a short story. I’ve heard people liken this poem to a Keats ballad. Continue reading 3 Random Books from My Shelves