Leonora Carrington

Imma Ramos shares her insight on the fascinatingly surreal Leonora Carrington.

This isn’t a great video, but it does have some great close-ups of Carrington’s paintings, so worth a quick watch.

This exhibition has unfortunately finished now – I hope her work will come to London soon…

Send a postcard to an art loving friend, from the RA Summer Exhibition 2016 selection.

Look at those Doodles with their Funny Little Stories

Here are some more of my drawings with their strange stories!


A needle in a haystack can be easy to find if it has a thread. A heart needs to be extracted.


2015. Locked away fears fuel grief, drowning and cleansing all to enable them to rescue one another.


A representation of my relationship with Mike (Russell). The two shapes on the left are Mike’s legs, the ones on the right are mine. 2013


A man is drunk and dreaming on a wagon that drifts eternally on the sea – a bat hangs from the moon. 2014

Buy Micheal Duke’s Bird on a Wire print, from the RA Summer Exhibition 2016.

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