Book of Hours – A Source of Beautiful Images

The old medieval Book of Hours is an amazing source of visual inspiration, wether you’re religious or not. Each book is unique and there are a lot of them around. Many museums, libraries and universities around the world have collections of the books.

I would love to stumble across an affordable one! Many have been taken apart, each page being sold separately. But why are they so popular? Scroll down and take a look at their magnificent pages!

Its content—textual and pictorial—can vary enormously from volume to volume… From the mid-thirteenth to the mid-sixteenth century, more Books of Hours were commissioned and produced, bought and sold, bequeathed and inherited, printed and reprinted than any other text, including the Bible… The Book of Hours is a prayer book that contains, at its heart, the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that is, the Hours of the Virgin. Medieval Book of Hours

A Book of Hours

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