Two Significant Moments

Here is one of my chance poems. I hope you enjoy it. I use chance methods to create my poems, drawings and paintings. I’d love to hear from you if you do the same!


Two Significant Moments

by JayS


I have one of his and now the tattoos of hers are brighter than mine and sparkle as the new sun once did. I avoided getting it on my palm as there were his marks there

16 thoughts on “Two Significant Moments

    1. John Cage, Duchamp and Arp used chance methods. It varies from person to person. John Cage is my favourite and he used the I Ching, as did Philip K. Dick. Thank you for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. The tree arrows are really neat, kind of surealist because of the unexpected combination. Makes me think. Both pictures are great, thanks for sharing!

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          1. Thank you so much. My pleasure. I thought about running a competition every month a different avant- grade style… so dada then cut-ups then lipograms, but it looked like a lot of work.

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              1. It isnโ€™t an easy thing to do at all. I love the idea of collaboration but there is the whole question of the ego. I was also going to do exquisite corpses as well. I am full of great ideas but then I forget them!

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