The Monday Poem – A Straight Line Runs Through It All

A Straight Line Runs Through It All

by Israfel Sivad


When first I looked upon the morning in its light,
I noticed the sky lit bright with your solar flare –
All that remains of the passion you sacrificed.

When, at a later date, I once more looked again,
you transformed, transmogrified into the demon
waiting patiently in my corner as I slept
alone awakening only unto nightmares.

You are one and the same, no matter what your form –
a trick learned in the ethereal heights of hell.
As a devil yourself, you cast the demons out
with your words like angelic palms caressing my pain.
You have hurt. You have healed. You have killed. You have judged.
When I lay on my side beneath the Temple Mount,
I gazed beyond through a crack in the masonry
to see you revealed in your holy glory
and know in truth… We are forever only One.


A Straight Line Runs Through It All is from Israfel Sivad’s upcoming collection We Are The Underground. This is the first publication of the poem, so thank you very much to Israfel for sharing with Examining the Odd readers!

Check out my reviews of Israfel Sivad’s poetry collections and of his novel, The Adversary’s Good News. He also took part in a great author interview!

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