The Monday Poem: Freedom of Love

4 thoughts on “The Monday Poem: Freedom of Love”

  1. “My wife with a throat of valley of gold” : “valley of gold” is the translation of “Val d’or”, and Val d’or is the name of a railway station in the parisian area, so the throat is both compared to a valley of gold and a (parisian) railway station. “L’union Libre” is the the best poem by André Breton but is very unequal, for some of its metaphors are much more beautiful or less beautiful than other ones. Among my favourite ones : “My wife with legs of flares / With the movements of clockwork and despair”, “My wife with feet of initials / With feet of rings of keys” “My wife with eyes of water to be drunk in prison” …In any case this wonderful surrealist poem remains a fascinating and timeless hymn to Woman, Beauty and passionate Love.


  2. The wonderful verses “My wife with shoulders of champagne / And of fountain with dolphin-heads beneath the ice” and “My wife with legs of flare / With the movements of clockwork and despair” are sublime and perfectly exemplify the definition of convulsive beauty that André Breton gives in “Mad Love” (1937) : “Convulsive beauty will be erotic-veiled, fixed-explosive, magic-circumstantial, or it will not be”.

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