The Monday Poem: Regretting the Earth (Le regret de la terre)

Jules Supervielle

Regretting the Earth (Le regret de la terre) by Jules Supervielle (1884-1960, Uruguay)   One day, we shall say: ‘That was the time of sunlight, Remember how it illumined the slightest twig, The old woman as brightly as the astonished girl, How it gave a colour to things as soon as it fell, Kept pace […]

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The 6 Scariest Edgar Allan Poe Books

If you want a scary story, you need Poe. Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849) was an American author, critic and editor. He is best remembered for his mysterious, dark short stories. What more would he have left us if he’d lived longer than his short forty years? You’ve probably experienced Poe at some point […]

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