Short Story Saturday – Salvage in Space by Jack Williamson

Jack Williamson

This week’s short story is Jack Williamson’s Salvage in Space. I hope you enjoy it! Salvage in Space By Jack Williamson To Thad Allen, meteor miner, comes the dangerous bonanza of a derelict rocket-flier manned by death invisible. His “planet” was the smallest in the solar system, and the loneliest, Thad Allen was thinking, as […]

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Short Story Saturday – The Residence At Whitminster by M. R. James

M. R. James

This week’s short story is M. R. James’ The Residence At Whitminster. THE RESIDENCE AT WHITMINSTER Dr. Ashton—Thomas Ashton, Doctor of Divinity—sat in his study, habited in a dressing-gown, and with a silk cap on his shaven head—his wig being for the time taken off and placed on its block on a side table. He […]

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