Review: Dead Men Naked by Dario Cannizzaro

Dead Men Naked by Dario Cannizzaro
Dead Men Naked by Dario Cannizzaro

Dead Men Naked is a brilliant piece of fantasy fiction with surrealist elements. The story revolves around Louis, an everyday guy who has just lost his near and dear friend, Neil. This leads him on to an adventure with a pair of twins and death himself.

Despite reflecting on death and loss, Dead Men Naked is a gentle reminder that there is positivity in these themes. What happens after we die? What happens when our loved ones die? Does it matter if what I believe is different to what you believe?

For the most part, Dead Men Naked is a really fun and easy read. At no point did reading this story feel like a chore. Having said that, this is still a book of substance and it has a beautiful and original writing style. I would recommend this book to fans of Terry Pratchett or David Lynch. I say or as I haven’t met many people who love both (although I certainly do). In fact, you may be wondering how a book can remind me of both: it has the wit and warmth of Pratchett and the surreal imagery of Lynch.