Dunce – A Short Story

4 thoughts on “Dunce – A Short Story”

  1. This is too fucking great! It strikes me as just about perfect in every way. How swiftly your story creates a little world! It’s funny, but sober. It’s almost like vaudeville, but one doesn’t ever laugh. Not quite.
    I love a story that takes complete responsibility for itself: deliberate language, tone, and rythmn employed for a reason. Finally, I love a story that knows exactly where it’s going and and doesn’t try to hand me the job.
    (Example –
    Me to story: “No, YOU tell ME, pal.”)

    If you’re not well-known, I hope you proceed with the utter certainty that you should be.

    Your fan,

    C. M. O’Brien

    P.S. I am thinking that if most people would rather cry than understand, it’s probably because we would rather lie than tell the truth. Or rather, retain the option of lying.

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    1. What a lovely comment 🙂 thanks Claire. The story is actually my other half’s and he has a book of twenty stories over on StrangeBooks.com – I am mighty proud of him and the number one fan! I have passed your comments on to him and they made him very happy 🙂 thanks for commenting.x

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