Palomino – by Olivier de Beventine

Originally posted on The Strange and The Curious…:
Texas, USA, ten days ago… Fretlock bucked and whinnied as Kansas tried to bring him under control. He was a small horse but ‘My Gaaad, what spirit!’ the seasoned handler mused. “Where d’ya get this ‘un from, Auguss?” he asked his brother, as Fretlock stubbornly stomped dust. “He was tooken from some place in Englan’, Kansas. The Duke brung him over laass week.” “The Duke? That feller giives me the heeby jeebies… Whooooaaaah!” Fretlock had bucked again. “You ain’t wrong, Kansas. But he always got goood produc’. This howss is one uncommon… Continue reading Palomino – by Olivier de Beventine