10 Short Stories challenge – day 4

Today I read There’s A Man In My Dreams I Tell Lies To by Stephen Pellow. I think that’s one of the greatest titles I’ve ever read.

The story feels uncomfortably honest. Uncomfortable because it feels as though the narrator shouldn’t be telling me about his dreams, his lies or his fears. Three things that people are so strangely reluctant to share in real life. This is what makes the story so exciting though – I felt as though I was the only person to be trusted with this information.

I must admit, I prefer the first half of this little story to the latter, but it still works brilliantly and I’m glad that random Googling led me to it. Most people would probably enjoy the “twist” at the end, but I was happy before that.


I read There’s A Man In My Dreams I Tell Lies To over at Inkitt.com – go and have a read and come back to tell me your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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