10 Short Stories challenge – day 3

Today I read The Eunuchs by Marcel Schwob. Schwob was clearly a lover of words. Obviously, all authors love words, but some love them in the way that a glutton loves fine food.

I loved reading this story, not so much for the story but for each sentence. It’s rich and luxurious, colourful and sensuous. “They reclined like this, sweating among the sauna boys, men dressed in scarlet plush who came around the baths with nets full of green playing balls, young people in red tunics with cherry colored belts, high tights, and long hair, and collared runners bearing the palanquins, where matrons with twisted hair and pumiced skin returned the greetings of the passersby.” – that’s one heck of a sentence!

I read The Eunuchs over on Weird Fiction Review. Go and have a read and come back to tell me what you think in the comments!

Marcel Schwob's King in the Golden Mask
Marcel Schwob’s King in the Golden Mask from which The Eunuchs is taken

Schwob wrote over one hundred short stories. He discovered the stories of Edgar Allan Poe as a child and they are said to be an influence on his work.

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