Review: Starter Zone – The Revelation Chronicles by Chris Pavesic

Starter Zone: The Revelation Chronicles by Chris Pavesic

I really enjoyed this book. It definitely feels like the beginning of a series, so hopefully there will be further Revelation Chronicles. This was my first time reading a LitRPG novel and it wasn’t what I expected.

The story begins with two sisters attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The setting is dangerous, with scary people and killer-rain. The novel then takes a turn and becomes more of a fantasy, science fiction adventure. The rich have found refuge in a game-like world and it’s here that Cami and Alby find themselves. I was a bit of a gamer in my late teens and early twenties and I think this helped me to get sucked in to the world of this story.

I’m sure there are many similar books out there, but so far, to me, this is a unique story. It’s easy to relate to the two sisters and I think girls of similar ages (mid-teens) would really enjoy reading about them. This book is also suitable for fans of YA dystopian fiction and young gamers in general.

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