Happy Birthday M. R. James


Birth: Aug. 1, 1862
Death: Jun. 12, 1936


Written to be read aloud, the stories of M. R. James are classic bedtime scares. Read one of his stories here.

Assistant director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in 1886; later Director, between 1893 and 1908). Elected to a Fellowship at King’s in 1887 and at different times took on the posts of Dean, Divinity Lecturer, Tutor and (from 1905) Provost. Canon James was an expert in manuscripts and apocryphal writings, many of which he edited for publication, including his famous edition of the Biblical Apocrypha. Find a Grave

One thought on “Happy Birthday M. R. James

  1. I was introduced to M.R. James by “The Fabric of Sin”, one of the Merrily Watkins mysteries (my favorite one, because it’s the spookiest), and later picked up an omnibus of his stories to read. Good stuff!


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