A Soundless Dawn by Dustin LaValley

A Secret Love

I recently reviewed the excellent A Soundless Dawn by Dustin LaValley. Dustin has very kindly agreed to share two pieces from the book with readers of Examining the Odd. The first is A Secret Love. The second piece is coming soon!

Dustin LaValley is an author and screenwriter from the capitol region of New York. His books include A Soundless Dawn, and the forthcoming, (12 Gauge) Songs from a Street Sweeper, both from Sinister Grin Press. He’s had many screenplays produced and a novella optioned for film.

A Secret Love

Dustin LaValley

I had a girlfriend in the _____ grade. A secret girlfriend. I never told anyone about her. She was ____, ___ and named…

I loved her.

No one knew. We didn’t talk in class or sit near one another, not even at lunch. I followed her home every day after school staying ___ houses behind, always ___ houses behind and I kept her pace. She lived ___ houses down from me, on the same side of the street. Practically neighbors.

Her front door would be closed by the time I passed by and she’d be watching me from the front window.

And that’s how I knew…

She loved me, too.

There’s now a competition running to win a signed copy of A Soundless Dawn! Click here for more info.

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