The Monday Poem – Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious


Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious


A dictionary can tell us that

views of luck can be

popular and chance

appears comparatively late.

During love, this applies to a beating heart.

The mind is

out of control, with thoughts

that wishes or her luck commits the totally affected to

God its

order of the universe, in the same way that in luck has more to

do with games and the best.

Leaving it to fate.

Triskaidekaphobia has four basic principles.

This kind of behaviour shows us the


and it has been recorded as having said the following about selling luck:

involves two

Him allowing

any of us to supplicate all

else related to luck, as it is classified Good

to be created by a flower, but to be unprepared for

Robert is

a game we may call Jinx.

a Fluxus poem using chance methods. I hope you enjoyed it.

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