The Monday Poem – There was in cranes.

This week's poem is There was in cranes. I hope you enjoy it!   There was in cranes. by Jay Snelling   Cellophaned flowers. To look forward to it was an astonishing feeling of a high degree. Staging each one by hand. Directors of gardens, their relationship to the towering tempest in over 2000 plastic… Continue reading The Monday Poem – There was in cranes.


The Monday Poem – Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious


Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious -Jay A dictionary can tell us that views of luck can be popular and chance appears comparatively late. During love, this applies to a beating heart. The mind is out of control, with thoughts that wishes or her luck commits the totally affected to God its order of the universe,… Continue reading The Monday Poem – Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious

The Monday Poem – for Gopi

Both spiritual and material. Above, loudly chant the glories of a small group of English men of destiny only to worship with him. Some to serve as a considered entity, surrender until performed through this hero

The Unauthorized Biography – A Fluxus Chance Poem

The Unauthorized Biography   struggling struggling article mushrooms below article Production student Tara Lisa are what caused the man Jake who was the father of Alice was the daughter of the Grecian as the free Film from for Victoria and Hazard Laurie was the number 2 girl was always Daisy and she would pretend to be brave Sheriff  

Martin – A Fluxus Style Chance Poem

seems to have made a few verbal changes through his ankle, exactly similar. Re-settling them on an unquestioning pair of shoulders, the annihilation of a nation however, back to the table, the future or the dark-haired girl from the what had happened, and in which one becomes aware of facts and ideas which to him, molehill here and coming towards… Continue reading Martin – A Fluxus Style Chance Poem


It's inspiring, motivating, weirdly uplifting and, in the final scene, blissfully moving. I highly recommend giving it twenty minutes of your time. If you do, let me know what you think!