The Monday Poem – it’s been Jean fangirling over James – a chance poem

it’s been Jean fangirling over James

by Jay Snelling


Some heartwarming

old secondary school friends


until it’s all over and then they call for the

authorities. A clue now:

who posts the letter

and why?

album on the way? Move over be a band – who are playing live accused the dead musician of working on his own corpse.

I call him Buddy because he’s where he wants his own biopic to end up. Straight down the double and through the middle

and share it all

to release their anxiety. But first, I have a new life, a ride on the colour

band’s rim and a

ring to announce the time for

real life. Other lives, they called them all

Valerie. The people

say acts for a huge lightning bolt memorial

he a death of one of his 

own kind. It is not him and it

isn’t class, pay appearance at this

stage. Is it really himself at 32 and can he



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