The Monday Poem

This is the complete poem:

Meet Iconic People For Narrow Ideas

A real-life fantasy, this is my idea, my thinking

Amazing, but is it here now? Awe-inspiring at a new level

Captivating Everyone, cheerful is this life, and this Now

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Doodle Tuesday

Doodle by Jay Snelling

This week’s doodle is my own 🙂 I use chance methods to create my drawings and poems and I’d love to hear from others who do the same!

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The Monday Poem – There was in cranes.

This week’s poem is There was in cranes. I hope you enjoy it!   There was in cranes. by Jay Snelling   Cellophaned flowers. To look forward to it was an astonishing feeling of a high degree. Staging each one by hand. Directors of gardens, their relationship to the towering tempest in over 2000 plastic […]

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