Postcard Drawing

Here’s a postcard drawing from last year.


Very happy that this piece sold today 🙂 It’s off to join some other pieces in France. I have many more original pieces available in my Etsy shop!

I use chance operations to create all of my drawings, paintings and collages. I’d love to hear from others who do the same!

The Monday Poem

These are the first four pieces in my art poem, Meet Iconic People For Narrow Ideas.


This is the complete poem:

Meet Iconic People For Narrow Ideas


A real-life fantasy, this is my idea, my thinking

Amazing, but is it here now? Awe-inspiring at a new level

Captivating Everyone, cheerful is this life, and this Now



The Monday Poem – The World Saw Dance

The World Saw Dance

by Jay Snelling


For an exceptionally

long time this was his name. His

name. Their name is in there and

is what we would APP-

ROACH by way of his dance which

EXCEEDS his movements for the


which WAS all we know

of him and his works coming

from their minds. When he first met

him in the place he was writ-

ing the ending of

what became the basis of

almost everything. Beyond

the works of foreign text and

thinking, perfect terms

and received compliments he


The result was a

piece. Just like he ambigu-

ously asked if they were “work-

ing together” he was e-


hoping that by reinven-

ting plans ahead of time, he

beat them. As he said, he did.


I use chance methods to create my poems and drawings – I’d love to hear from you if you do the same…

The Monday Poem – There was in cranes.

This week’s poem is There was in cranes. I hope you enjoy it!



There was in cranes. by Jay Snelling


Cellophaned flowers.

To look forward to it was an astonishing feeling of a high degree.

Staging each

one by hand.

Directors of gardens,

their relationship to the towering tempest in over 2000 plastic theatres

created a production by the name of


She sat by Neptune and they created poultry,

and dogs with names of Mars and Fire.

They were interested,

to London they flew for a

line and shine

until ending.

I use chance methods to create my poetry and I’d love to hear from others who do the same!